About LogiAngle

LogiAngle is a technology platform to manage and optimise Business operations through digital transformation. 

LogiAngle is equipped with cloud base latest technology stack to bring in End to End to visibility in the business operations. 

Innovative platform to bring all the operation’s stakeholder together to Plan, Manage, Communicate & Execute based on real time information. LogiAngle’s configurability, flexibility & modularity helping our customers to integrate it with existing systems and bring in innovative approach to increase field efficiency by 30% to 40%


Work Culture

Technology startup offering open discussions and allowing everyone to bring creativity on table to accomplish company goals and achieve newer heights by transforming businesses through digital solutions

Growth Trajectory

Progress offers best pedestal for building and deploying applications swiftly. LogiAngle's developer delivering more sophisticated softwares, more efficient, reliable and faster than before. This is where the Fast Growth lies.


The main responsibility of an employee is to get the work done within the time given. This is required to complete the work responsibilities required by their job inorder to achieve companies and employee’s common goal.

LogiAngle has an in-house expertise on the subject matter who all are fully passionate to innovate across industry verticals


Streamline Your Business Processes And Optimise Business Execution