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Empowering Businesses Through Digital Transformation

SAAS based software to Digitalise Business Processes  and achieve Newer Business Heights

Highly Configurable Business Management Software

LogiAngle Optimises entire business execution through technology adoption across all stakeholders specially in SMB.

Cloud base SAAS ( Software As A Service) platform to access from anywhere and scale exponentially & quickly

Internet base access through Web application and Mobile application to all stakeholders of business

Three level of security to keep entire data safe and easy to take backup on single click. 

Dashboard which talks about entire business operations and analytics in real time for proactive decision making. 

Highly Configurable Business Management Software

LogiAngle is a SAAS based software that will help your business to meet growing demand and heightened customer expectations by rapidly transforming business execution through technology. It will optimize resources and help in growing your business.

LogiAngle brings end-to-end visibility for field operations improving business efficiency and brings all the operation’s stakeholders, distributors, manufacturers, and sales managers together to plan, manage, communicate & execute based on real-time information.

Distributor Management Software

LogiAngle Optimises Primary and Secondary Sales Execution And Connects All Distributors/ Retailers On Single Software.

Beat Creation >> Plan >> Execution >> Optimisation 

Effective route plan by geo-tagging retailers and visiting outlets with predefined frequency

Manager || Sales Team || Distributor || Retailer Access 

Bringing all the stakeholders together on a single software to communicate and execute on real time data. 

Primary Orders || Secondary Orders || Real Time Inventory 

A Cloud base system to bring transparency and Real time visibility to boost sales and reduce gaps in demand and supply

Remote Billing || GST Invoices || Payments || Bank Reconciliation 

Easy to manage entire sales cycle from order taking , Invoicing , Accounting to delivery till last point. 

KPI Indicators || Insights || MIS || Reports 

Easy to use, highly flexible, and customisable dashboards with interactive reports and detailed insights to have proactive decision-making.

Sales Force Automation Software

LogiAngle Empowers Sales Team By Digital Processes And Making Every Bit Of Information Available Anytime / Anywhere. Resulting in Higher Productivity And Boost Growth.

Automation >> Sales Process > Lead Tracking 

AI base tech platform to automate sales processes by adopting sales cycles to save time, Increase accuracy and reliability

Mobile App >> Digital Catalogue >> Access from anywhere

 Empower sales team with mobile base access to maintain all the digital catalogues and tools required while customer interactions

Daily Planner >> Auto reminders >> Intelligent Scheduling 

Technology to understand and analyse on daily plans. Auto reminders on Scheduled visits/appointments of the sales team

Live Tracking >> Track productivity >> Daily Attendance 

Optimise efforts to manage geographically distributed team with simple dashboard

Easy to Integrate, Scalable & Fully Customisable Software for Your Business

Core Features

Automate Field Planning

LogiAngle's Automating field execution planning applies machine learning to optimise field efforts and boost productivity.

Organised Execution

LogiAngle helps to organize the execution of business processes using real time analytics and available statistics.

Acceleration At Field

Increase in output of resources resulting into efficient and optimised solution required on field and empowering sales team through tech.

Seamless Integration

LogiAngle software works as an enticement, both if used it as a standalone or integrated with any ERP & CRM.

Live Tracking

LogiAngle’s live tracking feature enables to track entire team, all the order and real time communication from field.

Real Time Analytics

Real time analytics software from LogiAngle can help in faster and efficient decision making by giving access to accurate data.

Industries Where LogiAngle is helping in !!!


Primary Sales 

Secondary Sales

Retailer Geotagging

Last Mile Logistics

Field Sales & Service

Remote Order Capturing

Task Assignments

Last Mile Delivery

Expense Management


Auto Order Assignments 

Live Tracking

Third Party Integration

Remote Management


Sales & Purchase Management

Distributor Management

Inventory Management

Accounting Management


Streamline Your Business Processes And Optimise Business Execution

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