Automate Field Planning

LogiAngle’s Automating field execution planning applies machine learning to optimize field efforts. Minimizing the errors and ameliorating the overall customer service by decreasing the cost that affected the bottom line. Helping you to see riders’ location and optimize routes by avoiding traffic.

Right from the Pickup to Delivery, and reverse logistics our software can get you complete automation for your business processes. Your search for the field sales automation has ended here. We got you covered in all the field force management processes you need.

Getting the best solution by LogiAngle avoids convoluted processes and caters to improved quality and accuracy.

Organised Execution

LogiAngle helps to organize the execution of business processes using real time analytics and available statistics.

The solutions provided by logiangle Organized Execution assist in reducing wastage of time and energy by eliminating the intricate processes and increase on the coherency and collaterally aiming at maximizing profits.

Real time monitoring brings organized execution and puts ahead on competitive edge.


Acceleration At Field

Increase in output of resources resulting into efficient and optimized solution required on field. Enabling seamless communication between all levels of stakeholders. It is a GPS enabled Web & mobile Application based technology.Acceleration of execution in field would define profitability and unit economics to business.

LogiAngle is crafted in such a way that it empowers Managers to track down their field agents, and other field workforce assets, getting deviation alerts and the team’s activity anytime and anywhere.

Also, guides company agents on field, which will be helpful for execution of their task timely and in optimized manner.

Live Tracking

LogiAngle’s live tracking feature enables all the order dispatch details with clients.

It provides details like order status, ETA of the order or consignment contact details or clients and riders, this results in improved customer experience.

Benefits of Live Tracking

  • Maintains transparency between Rider and the Manager.
  • Assists the manager to take correct decisions
  • Real-time tracking for all the on-field agents.
  • Better customer experience

Real Time Analytics

Real time analytics software from LogiAngle can help in faster and efficient decision making, which will keep you in the competitive edge. LogiAngles solutions let you connect with multiple data sources with live data. Analytics in real-time broadens the potential of giving faster access to operational intelligence.

The dashboard will change data into business decisions, activate proactive communications & deviation alerts.

Benefits of Real-Time Analytics

  • Encapsulate all the data and shows it in real-time.
  • Profoundly customizable dashboard according to business needs.
  • Helps to make fast and effective decisions.
  • Effective Resource management

Seamless Integration

LogiAngle software works as an enticement, both if used it as a standalone or integrated with any ERP / CRM / WMS / TMS. This level of seamless integration allows you to run your business operations effortlessly.

Benefits of Seamless Integration

  • Technological advantages without changing any existing system.
  • Easily Adaptive interface
  • Hassle-free integration
  • 0% data redundancy

Streamline Your Business Processes And Optimise Business Execution