Things to Consider While Evaluating a Perfect Sales Force Automation Software for Your Company


  • Data Migration- As the need of storing the data has grown, so is the technology along with it. Shifting the data entirely to a completely new environment is not an easy task and includes a lot of hindrances, pitfalls and high costs. However, the benefits of a well planned data migration can easily out-weight any possible difficulties. Migrating your data into an updated system is the fastest way to ensure it is secure. Moving data to an updated cloud-based system, ensures the most up-to-date security measures are in place. 


  • Future Ready Roadmap- In today’s digital world, changes are inevitable. The technology your business is currently working on doesn’t guarantee that it will work for you in the future or not. By always making sure your software, and other technologies are up to date, you’ll be sure not to fall behind and will keep your business relevant in the future. Additionally, many applications, such as cloud-based technology and various software programs, update automatically, ensuring your business is always set up for success.

  • Phased implementation timelines- There is a myth that technological solutions take longer time for implementation, but until a business has got a heavy list of customizations it should not take much time in handing over the complete solution. The ideal timeframe for any customization to go-live should not be around 4 weeks, this includes testing and handover as well. A quicker turnaround time by a good vendor indicates a stronger and optimized solution.

  • Integration(With ERP and other systems)- In today’s world there are a lot of software solutions to choose from, one software solution can not fully manage the entire business process. With multiple systems in place a business can easily eliminate the inefficiencies faced by them in their day to day routine operations. Easy integration among these systems presents a better ROI for the businesses. At LogiAngle we specialize in helping our clients achieve digital transformation through emerging technologies ranging from mobile application to custom salesforce needs.  

  • Valid across industries- The sales flow of each and every company is different from the other, be it a capital goods manufacturer or be it a apparel manufacturer their revenues totally depend on the sales. Optimization of the sales process efficiently with a personalised solution can boost the business drastically. All this can be achieved by making the organization including the sales team digitally active as they are the ones who get the orders from the field for the organizations.

  • After Sales Support- Customer satisfaction is the only key factor when it comes to long term association with a technology partner. With the presence of multiple players in the market there has to be a differentiating factor among all which can be done at your convenience. Even the best of solutions requires an optimal support in order to succeed. Support features like whatsapp support, chatbots are the latest improvisations being brought to this ecosystem.

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