Last-Mile Logistics : A Nightmare for all Businesses



The last mile coordination’s is a relationship that implies development of products from the satisfaction focus to the endpoint for example the clients. It is the last advance in the voyage of the merchandise before it reaches the hands of the clients. End mile conveyance is the most essential stage in the client’s voyage with the organization as the client is interfacing with the organization out of the blue, so it turns out to be critical to please the client and tie them with the organization as a one of their dedicated client. As we know retaining a customer is more important than acquiring a new customer for an established business organisation.

Last mile coordinations is the prime leg of the inventory network yet internet business monsters, for example, alibaba and amazon are unfit to take care of the issue.

The last mile coordinations normally includes real part of the strategic costs yet the issues are sufficiently enormous to hamper the consumer loyalty, thus hampering the picture of the organization.


The major problems in the logistics industry could be better understood through the bellow illustrations:

Illustration 1

Customer “A” scheduled his delivery and the delivery executive has picked up the order from the hub and is on its way to deliver the goods to the customer, but due to bad traffic or maybe due to road blockage the driver is delayed. The customer will place a call to the customer service executive. The customer service executive would provide him with the contact number of the hub and then the customer calls the hub and asks the manager about the status of the order. The probable answer would be “Sir the Delivery Executive (DE) has picked up the order and is on your way long back” The hub manager doesn’t have any idea about where the delivery executive is currently. So he may call the DE but due to low battery the phone is switched off. The hub manager is now clue less. It might be so possible that he is having a huge fleet of DE and as everything is on paper he may take time to find the exact details of the customer and then he needs to find the driver assigned. This process becomes too messy to handle.

Illustration 2

Suppose the Customer has received the order and now wants to return the order due to some discrepancies. It becomes a hassle for the company as it needs to make a return request find the bank id and everything and the process gets too messy.With logiangle’s last mile delivery solution the clients get access to:

• Automated Logistics Planning
• Organised Execution
• Acceleration at field
• Route optimisation
• Live Tracking
• Real Time Analytics
• Seamless Integration.

LogiAngle is a technological solution to all your logistical night mare. You can now focus on your core business while logiangle can make your work efficient and accurate. With logiangles implementation into business, they have optimized their operations by nearly 40% helping them meet the demands of the customer flawlessly.

The business is been provided with the credentials through which they can log in the web application or the mobile application. Where in the dashboard they can track the orders that are dispatched and track the delivery executive with the real-time updates even about their phones battery percentage. From the Order Status section the client can view the current status of the order with respective colour coding. The business can assign the orders according to the geographical location optimizing the delivery executive’s performance. The clients can get their hands on with the real time analytics that will help them in taking decisions about which order to stock at what prices and at what prices it needs to be sold to which customer helping them improve the customer experience. The logiangle application would optimize the route for the delivery executive so that the deliverables can be delivered on time. Through Configuration management the business can keep the customer updated about the status of their order about their real time updates through mail and messages.LogiAngle is the one-step solution for your logistical needs and the best part is that it can be adopted to any business model.

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