Live Tracking: Getting it Real-Time

Live tracking has completely changed the way we look at things as it allows us to monitor our activities in real time. It simply uses a GPS to determine one’s position and a mobile network to send this position in Real Time to an available server, thus the person at the other end can see the exact position presented in a map in Real Time.

With the vast growth of vehicles on the road growing in an unusual fashion and fleet business being put to meet various challenges, vehicle tracking and monitoring have become very important nowadays. Live tracking is also very useful for the businesses associated with vehicular and goods movement. As with the help of this fleet owners could easily be able to have an idea of the current position of the vehicle, alert about the vehicles entering any specific zones and the most important is the safety of their goods and vehicles. Some more additional features could be:

  • Monitoring of fuel usage
  • Enhanced route planning
  • Enhancement of customer satisfaction
  • Maximum vehicle utilization can be achieved
  • Detailed tracking
  • Enhanced Productivity

Live tracking has also revolutionized the way the parcels are being handled currently and the customers are being provided the status of the order. It overcomes several hurdles like ordering, tracking and dispatching despite its geographical location. Today’s parcel and packaging methodologies involve providing unique barcodes to every single parcel. From the time it is being booked till the time it gets delivered at its final destination it travels through various transit points. It undergoes scanning at every checkpoint and thus updating about the tracking details that prompt about the parcel’s whereabouts accurately.

LogiAngle’s Live tracking feature enables all the order related details in real time with the clients. It also provides additional details like current order status, ETA of the consignment, contact details of both riders as well as clients. These features help in improving the overall customer experience. With our cutting edge GPS modules and business owner can now ensure more touchpoints being covered by the sales team every single day.


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