Route Optimization: Reduced Cost and Maximised Output

Effective route optimization is the current aim of businesses, distributors, and last-mile delivery companies. Route optimisation is the epitome of businesses with delivery operations as it is helping in the reduction of cost and assisting businesses in increasing the efficiency of the field workers to stay at par with the competitors in its domain. Below are how route optimisation is beneficial for organizations and how it helps reduce cost and helps in increasing the efficiency of the field workforce.

Optimisation means maximization of output with existing resources. Route optimization is the process of discovering the most cost-efficient route for a set of stops. Multiple shipments and multiple orders are received by the organisation creating chaos and mismanagement of resources creating low efficiency among the field executives. Route optimization helps in reducing the overall distance traveled, the time is taken, and the cost of fuel. It helps to optimize the orders that are delivered by the field force resulting in timely delivery and improved customer satisfaction. The route optimization software is a blessing in disguise for last-mile delivery & it helps in optimizing the work. Let us see how-

Prior Allocation- Plan and Optimise Routes

Route optimization software can help you find the most optimized and cost-effective routes. It plans a series of delivery stops to follow, based on everything important to your business, eg. where your customers are located when they want delivery to be reached, where each stop is and which driver or vehicle is going to do it. LogiAngle Plans and optimizes your routes based on real-time factors like available time, vehicle capacities, delivery types, the priority of stops, driver speeds, driver availability, and more.

The Delivery executive can be planned and sent out to deliver in a unidirectional way covering every drop point helping the organisation to optimize the operations.

For example- Company A received 100 consignments in a day and it has 5 Delivery executives. The drop points are spread across the city. From area A they have 25 orders, from Area B they have 15 orders, area C has 30 orders, area D has 20 orders, and area E has 10 orders so each rider could be allocated area wise and to reduce the load in area C the rider allocated in area E could be assigned to optimise the field force and generate an optimum outcome.

Local Traffic

Local traffic is a nightmare for last-mile delivery companies in some of the tier 1 cities because of the poor infrastructure and increasing population. With the assistance from the optimised route, the delivery executive can better their performance & retrospectively affecting the organisational performance.

For example- A delivery executive is assigned 10 orders for his daily job so he needs to move from point A to Point B for his first drop, but due to bad traffic conditions, it would take more time to reach point B. Route optimisation will automatically reroute it to the nearest drop point to save time and optimise the field force.

Real-time Tracking

The organisation could stay updated with real-time updates of its DE to understand the performance of the delivery executive and would help them in collecting Proof of Delivery for a hassle-free customer experience.

Real-time tracking is very useful as it provides the customer with visibility about their consignment delivery and they don’t need to connect with the customer support in case of any delay. By the use of route optimization technology, it can assist in reducing the cost of operation and help maximize the outputs.

Analytics & reporting

Route planning and optimisation software let you track your delivery operations in real-time. A centralized dashboard that gives complete analytics of original routes and optimized routes. Real-time analytics helps you to stay updated with customer preferences. 

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