Technologies helping Optimise Processes and a key driver for Business Growth

Businesses face tough times and while they face tough times, they adopt the method of cost-cutting. Cost-cutting is a method to reduce the overhead of the organisation. This method proves to be detrimental in most cases. Instead of adopting cost-cutting, the businesses should adopt the method of optimising the resources available at their disposal, focusing on creating efficiencies in operations, reducing redundancies and errors in the process can help the organisation save a lot of money.

Improvements anticipate crucial work in making a fruitful procedure. It helps in lessening or disposing of overlapping and delays in the workflow as well as helping in speeding up the task by automating them.

Business Management Software

Whether you are running a small business or a large enterprise, Business management software helps businesses regardless of their size, to make smarter business decisions, increase business effectiveness, improve business revenue, efficiently use their staff and reduce operating costs. Automating business processes and overcoming manual efforts helps your business to meet growing demand and heightened customer expectations by rapidly transforming business execution through technology. 

Distributor Management Software

Distribution Management Software (DMS) is a collection of applications designed to monitor & control the entire distribution network efficiently and reliably with real-time tracking of primary & secondary sales. A healthy distributor management system is critical for companies to remain competitive, to save time and money, to solve their distribution business challenges, and which will boost your organization’s success and development.

Sales Force Automation Software

Sales Force Automation (SFA) Software designed for automating sales processes and improving Business Efficiency. The SFA software reduces repetitive tasks of the sales team and helps to increase Business revenue & Sales Performance. It helps businesses to manage a large Sales Force by tracking every activity in Real-Time. Adopt the technology trends to improve your Business Efficiency.

Inventory Management

Managing inventories in retail stores, warehouses, or manufacturing units is a nightmare for the managers. The managers need to keep a track of what all items they have in their stock and the worth of each stock and all the granular level of information regarding the stock. An inventory management system can help managers run a warehouse efficiently by ensuring a perfect level of stock. Scanning the in stocks with the help of a barcode scanner would help eliminate redundant entries and in turn improving the process.

Last-Mile Delivery Software

Customers want to know when their order is arriving. Without last-mile tracking, they are in the dark about their order whereabouts. With an efficient, Last-mile delivery management software customers, as well as businesses, can track the delivery person in real-time. With last-mile tracking, delivery managers and dispatchers can control routes in transit, making changes as necessary.

Project Management

A project management software helps the project management measure any fluctuation between the arrangement and genuine-time and materials utilized for each stage. This will help the directors in computing the real-time and cost by contrasting it and the real spending plan and time limits for the venture. If this method is followed, then redundancies can be found continuously and help in harm control and guarantee the benefit of the task.

Customer service

Customers are the prime element in any business. Retaining an old customer is as important as acquiring a new customer. Customers need to be attended to as and when they have any queries regarding any product or services about the organisation. The organisation should have a dedicated customer support team, but that necessarily doesn’t mean that they can resolve all the queries at that particular time may be due to manpower unavailability. The organisation can adopt Chabot’s powered by AI that can solve repetitive issues and then if not satisfied then they can redirect it to customer support for more help. This will help in an efficient customer experience.

Technology always comes up with some innovative procedure of redefining the way we work, providing an edge over our competitors by the slightest margin and that margin is good enough to dominate the rivals.

LogiAngle is a SaaS-based software that helps businesses with Distributor management and Sales force automation, real-time order & inventory management, effortless business operation management, and Last-mile delivery Solutions.

If you’re ready to see the benefits of adding these technologies to your business operations, sign up for a free trial today!

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