Bottlenecks in Last Mile Logistics


The company is an authorised distributor of Hero Moto Corp, Handling a part of Maharashtra to distribute spare parts of Hero’s two-wheeler to channel partners and outside channel partners. Customers associated with them are around 1000 across 5 districts of Maharashtra and handle huge volume daily to distribute material till the customer’s door. The customer’s frequency of orders is 10-12 orders per month. Processing 10K+ orders per month and 80% of their business runs in a credit cycle with 15 – 30 days.

Problem Statement

The parent company has provided software that does not cover optimisation in the distribution of all parts. The company was managing entire distribution operations manually like packaging, ordering, dispatch planning, assigning to drivers, and maintaining all the delivery proofs manually for payments future recovery.

Area of Improvements

The company decided to optimise the distribution side of the business and LogiAngle introduced it for their routine operations. LogiAngle empowered their team to handle distribution efficiently

LogiAngle comes with web-based software with an android application for all stakeholders.

Order Taking

  • Users got web applications and android apps to add orders in bulk from their existing system.

  • As soon as order is generated in their system then that can be either integrated or entered in LogiAngle.

  • LogiAngle maintains the entire history of the order.

Dispatch planning

  • Once orders are in LogiAngle then dispatch planning works.

  • Geotagged customer mapping to plan as per geography.

  • A single click will show all the pending orders as per geography.

  • Admin Manager can plan through optimised routing as per available orders, priority, and distance.

Assigning to Drivers

  • Drivers are the key stakeholders who deliver material in the market.

  • Drivers will use the mobile application with their respective login.

  • Entire route assignments will be displayed on the driver’s mobile application.

  • The driver picks up all the assignments from the warehouse.

  • The driver can sort the order list on a mobile application based on the distance from his start location or as per scheduled delivery time.

Execution of orders

  • LogiAngle empowering drivers to have all the information while delivering material

  • The driver delivers material as per the order shown on the mobile application

  • The driver also collects photographs of proof of delivery.

  • The driver collects payments at the time of delivery.

Tracing of orders

  • Admin users from the warehouse can track drives and orders as well.

  • They can inform customers on a real-time basis regarding the expected time of arrival (ETA).


  • A web application or mobile application for an admin person to track entire operations.

  • The company can generate reports like dispatch plan, order tracking report, outstanding, drivers efficiency on single clicks

  • Able to view pending orders and plan proactively for each day.

Companies witnessed a huge change in their approach towards daily business operations and brought discipline in their team which resulted in the loss of resources, data, or information.

The company increased the 20% touchpoint daily through drivers and also reduced significant KM run per driver. The company is getting the entire information 24*7 on a single click.

G Spares hub has experienced a change in their distribution of spare parts and saved a lot of man-hours on a daily basis by maintaining data safely and securely.

“LogiAngle has helped us in managing our operations through a single platform from ordering till its successful execution; the software has got every possible feature to handle on-field execution hiccups.”

Mr. Satish / Founder / G Spares Hub